Looking for supervision of your master thesis?

It is possible to complete a master thesis in our group under the supervision of Prof. Jutta Mueller and other group members.

Would you like to do an eye-tracking, EEG or fNIRS study in our lab on a topic related to our research program?  Please have a look at the following list. If one of the topics is of interest to you, please contact us.

If you would like to be supervised by us with a project of your own choice, please also contact us so that we can work out possibilities together.

Planned projects

  • What is the role of inner speech in novel task learning?
  • What is the nature of infants’ phonological representations during implicit naming or prediction?
  • What are the neural correlates of individual variability in inner speech tendencies?
  • Do verbal thinking tendencies play a role in the susceptibility to cognitive biases and the adoption of heuristic thinking?
  • How does vocabulary development affect abstract thinking?
  • Do learners retain recently learned phrase structure representations, and can they apply the learned representations in a top-down manner?

Supervised Master Thesis Projects

Viktoria Groiß:
The specific manipulation of the articulatory apparatus should enable us to gain insight into the role of the motor system in phoneme perception.

Sandra Regen:
Eye-Tracking study with infants (>1;0); The goal is to test whether seeing articulatory movements stimulates the processing of certain speech sounds in young children.

Tiziana Srdoc:
How do specialized brain regions responsible for object recognition and language-related processes develop?
Functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) is used to investigate the brain regions that play a role in visual object recognition, the understanding of object names and the production of object names in 3-year-old children.